I had a question after a Windows Azure Camp about what ports need to be opened and enabled at my work environment to enable working with Windows Azure. While the services work with REST there are a couple services that will benefit from adjusting the firewall to allow traffic between on-premise and the cloud. I found settings for Service Bus and SQL Server, and the settings are below…

Service Bus

-Minimal: Enable outbound http on port 80 and 443, authenticated against proxy server if any

-Optimal: Allow outbound on port 9350 to 9353, can limit to well known IP range

- 9350 unsecured TCP one-way client

- 9351 Secured TCB one-way (all listeners, secured clients)

- 9352 Secured TCP Rendezvous (all except one way)

- 9353 Direct Connect Probing Protocol (TCB listeners with direct connect)

SQL on-Premise via Windows Azure Connect

-In SSMS - Enable Remote Connections on SQL Server properties window

-In SQL Server Configuration Manager

- Disable or stop SQL Server Browser

- Enable TCP/IP in the SQL Server Network Configuration | Protocols for server

- Edit TCP/IP protocol properties and set TCP Dynamic Ports to Blank, and then specify TCP Port to 1433

- Restart SQL Service

-In Windows Firewall add the following rules

- Inbound Port 1433 (TCP) Allow the connection

- Apply to all profiles (Domain, Private and Public)

- Name the rule something significant



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