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I'm thinking of a new feature for myTLDR where when you log in (and we redirect you to your blog page) that the first thing you see are messages. A user can send messages to followers that looks like a post, but its not included in the main feed.

To that poing I am working on implementing a feature called "my feeds" where you specify what feeds you want to follow and we currate them here for you. We'll look at the most recent an push them to the top of your default login page. Thoughts?

Hello from MSDN Radio!

Avatars are the social media mechanism for personalizing and attaching an account to the user. For this I wanted to make sure a user could upload their pic and have it be part of their profile. To do this I had to enable custom profile information in the identity system, then add the ability to upload a file to storage, and finally propogate the use of the image across the site.

These are my notes...

  1. Customize identity. For this I followed Microsoft's documentation and added fields for handle and avatar url. The link to the relevant documents is here...Add, download, and delete user data to Identity in an ASP.NET Core project | Microsoft Docs
  2. Upload to storage. This was taken from a combination of sources, including docs on microsoft, but also from my session called "Where's my Stuff" where we work with storage options in azure.
  3. Update the site. This required work in a couple areas, including the data models, the code behind and the razor pages. I also did quite a bit of work to get the data migrations to work too.



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Announcing Momentum at MTKA!

Bringing these experiences to the MHS campus was a priority for Principal Jeff Erickson and his team. Before the facility's approval, automotive courses were only available off-site through a partner program.  "We know that the space a class uses can encourage how learning happens, how engagement happens and how students collaborate," said Erickson.

"A dedicated facility for the skilled trades will enhance the opportunities we can offer at MHS, so we can truly support each student in achieving personal success."

Learn more about MOMENTUM on the District website:

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Do you ever have “unexpected time” on your hands? Need to brush up your job interviewing skills? Want to know more about the technical talent market in the Twin Cities? TechMasters After Dark – Job Interviewing Skills, is a free workshop delivering job interviewing strategies, interviewing tips, and Q&A with a panel of recruiters. The audience has the opportunity to practice with group exercises called Table Topics. Join us Thursday, Feb 21, doors open at 5:30 pm at Improving's MN office at 3600 American Blvd, #115. We have a slate of experts and a panel of recruiters who will answer your questions about how they ask questions.

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Let's add some content here. I like working with rich text

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An interview I did


I'm working thru an idea for a video series that I call "5 Minutes to Code", where I would record some short videos that show how to accomplish a concept, procedure or task related to working with code. The goal is to deliver on a regular cadence some content that developers can use to learn how to do something. Lately I've been working with Azure as a cloud engineer working on infrastructure (like ARM and Terraform), delivery (like Azure DevOps and from developer tools), and coding (like .NET Core and web development). I have created a new page on my site where I'll publish a list of links to these, and this will give me the chance to work on my html and JavaScript skills.


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