Building myAdviceWriter

It's mid March and the start of Daylight Savings Time (again). It's a crazy thing we do where we change the clocks so that you wake up an hour earlier in the spring, and then you get to switch them back in the fall and the cycle continues. Most years it would be a thing that is maddening, but this year, what with Covid and working from home, it isn't a big deal because I don't have to get up to be at an office an hour earlier tomorrow. I just need to adjust my work frame and be available earlier. This week will be focused on working on a few features of myTLDR, including

  • My Posts.  List my posts by date descending...
  • My Uploads. Get the resolution right. Save 3 sizes but at 72 dpi, thumbnail (40x40), gallery (100x100) and full (500 px wide), all at 72 dpi.
  • My Feeds. When I log in or view a user or a blog I want to see that blog. If I view a User I want to see thier public blog posts. Private blogs shouldn't show up in that feed. Also I'd like the user to just see the feeds of people they're following...i.e. I get to add a number of feeds I want to see and the system will figure that out.
  • Default Feed. The default feed should return posts by day, prioritized by those that have the most activity...
  • Email. Notify users when they get a email for now with a link to the post?
  • User Profile. Update it to make it easy to see a user's posts, uploads and feeds (?)
  • Markdown Editor. As an option let users enter markdown, see a preview (?)
  • Likes/Reactions. Allow a user to react to a post once, with whatever their vote is...thumbs up, down, ok or some other emoji? Save the post/user response in Cosmos with an upsert? 
  • Views. Do we need views? I think it's good to have some analytics
  • Referral URL/Post Image. This is where I want to make it easy to have a link to something you want to respond to, and then the tl;dr; is the text that explains/responds to the referring link.
  • Attachments. Include on post a section of links for downloads...slides, code, pictures, etc.
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