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This week in Las Vegas at the Agile DevOps West conference I'm presenting the session Permit to Cloud - Land with Confidence in Azure!

We'll talk about a lot fo things, but the goal is to provide an introduction to how to get started with Azure in a way that will help ensure continued success in taking advantage of the promises the cloud offers. For the code and demos I've published them to - Check it out!

Guess What? In person events are a thing again,  and I'm back on the road. It's great to be back to St. Louis, this week I'm delivering sessions at DevUp on how to work with Azure and Infrastructure as Code topics. 

  • Permit to Cloud : Land with Confidence in Azure
  • Cosmos DB Performance Tuning
  • Infrastructure as Code Bake-off : Comparing ARM, Bicep, Terraform and Pulumi

The link to the code is on GitHub at - Check it out!

Thinking about going to Cloud? I've been consulting around Azure for the last 8 years since I left Microsoft where I helped launch it in 2009. I want to offer my support, so I'm starting a thing called Azure Office Hours on Fridays, where anyone can block out 15 minutes to chat about anything Azure.

  1. Find a time that works - 
  2. Let me know what you want to talk about
  3. Let's chat! 

I speak at conferences and have LinkedIn learning courses on Azure and DevOps including templating, compute, storage, messaging, networking and governance topics.

My calendar is open. Let's connect!

Have you thought of using new/different technologies to explore the impact of using new tools? I'm presenting a new session at Minnesota Developer Conference on Tuesday 5/4/2021 (Star Wars day) that will explore the technology and implementation details to make this type of implementation work.

Check it out!

Cosmos Tools for the Relational Developer

Tuesday 5/4 at 11:00 am - MDC 2021 | Minnesota Developers Conference (

Understanding how your data works is crucial to taking advantage of the capabilities and power of Cosmos DB, from setting up and migrating data, to querying to understanding performance consequences of data manipulation. These tasks become easier thanks to a growing ecosystem of tools around the Cosmos DB platform. In this session we'll look at how Cosmos DB tools available from Microsoft and 3rd parties make it easy to make the transition from the relational to Cosmos.

The topics we'll cover include:

  • Why Azure Cosmos DB
  • Provisioning a Cosmos DB from the Azure Portal
  • Code patterns for working with Cosmos
  • Data Migration
  • Data Modeling and strategies for performance and cost optimization

Some reference links:


It's mid March and the start of Daylight Savings Time (again). It's a crazy thing we do where we change the clocks so that you wake up an hour earlier in the spring, and then you get to switch them back in the fall and the cycle continues. Most years it would be a thing that is maddening, but this year, what with Covid and working from home, it isn't a big deal because I don't have to get up to be at an office an hour earlier tomorrow. I just need to adjust my work frame and be available earlier. This week will be focused on working on a few features of myTLDR, including

  • My Posts.  List my posts by date descending...
  • My Uploads. Get the resolution right. Save 3 sizes but at 72 dpi, thumbnail (40x40), gallery (100x100) and full (500 px wide), all at 72 dpi.
  • My Feeds. When I log in or view a user or a blog I want to see that blog. If I view a User I want to see thier public blog posts. Private blogs shouldn't show up in that feed. Also I'd like the user to just see the feeds of people they're following...i.e. I get to add a number of feeds I want to see and the system will figure that out.
  • Default Feed. The default feed should return posts by day, prioritized by those that have the most activity...
  • Email. Notify users when they get a email for now with a link to the post?
  • User Profile. Update it to make it easy to see a user's posts, uploads and feeds (?)
  • Markdown Editor. As an option let users enter markdown, see a preview (?)
  • Likes/Reactions. Allow a user to react to a post once, with whatever their vote is...thumbs up, down, ok or some other emoji? Save the post/user response in Cosmos with an upsert? 
  • Views. Do we need views? I think it's good to have some analytics
  • Referral URL/Post Image. This is where I want to make it easy to have a link to something you want to respond to, and then the tl;dr; is the text that explains/responds to the referring link.
  • Attachments. Include on post a section of links for downloads...slides, code, pictures, etc.

I'd like to add a feature where when creating a post you can include a link to a referring article...The point of tl;dr; is to provide feedback or a more complete story, and if something inspired a post that's where we'll start.

Add a referring link, then add your thoughts about it. Upload images and select one as primary, and we'll create a summary for it. 


Looking at things, how to create content that is unique, usable, fun and engaging. That's the goal. Up vote or down vote to show interaction.

  • Markdown as an editor/preview...what if I could switch to markdown instead of code
  • Comments...make them more interactive/append the HTML
  • Thumbnails & right sizing uploads...
    • 100% at 72 dpi
    • sm & med thumbnails 
  • Image storage - by user? Use GUID as storage container


Announcing Speechcraft Workshop - May 17

TechMasters - A Toastmasters chapter run by IT professionals in the Twin Cities - is hosting a 4 week Speechcraft workshop to get your public speaking, communication, leadership and other soft skills off the ground. Tuesday mornings online at 7:45 am CST. 

  • Trainers are experienced Toastmasters who frequently speak at events
  • All IT professionals - we speak your language
  • Communicate better with coworkers
  • Improve leadership skills
  • Gain confidence
  • Prepare for public speaking

Hello World!

@TM 03/09/2021 TechMasters (77)

We are launching a new blog tool for TechMasters! Check it out at

I'm thinking of a new feature for myTLDR where when you log in (and we redirect you to your blog page) that the first thing you see are messages. A user can send messages to followers that looks like a post, but its not included in the main feed.

To that poing I am working on implementing a feature called "my feeds" where you specify what feeds you want to follow and we currate them here for you. We'll look at the most recent an push them to the top of your default login page. Thoughts?

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